Jenna Jameson Keeps Bumming Us Out: Here Are 6 Ways To Regain Your Faith in Humanity

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Unfortunately, Jenna Jameson didn't give just one awful, incoherent interview to promote her new erotic novel. As it turns out, she took her slurred words on a mini-book tour. And while some of us can laugh at this embarrassing display, afterwards, an inevitable creeping emptiness like the cold chill of darkness in Jameson's seemingly empty eyes creeps in. This display isn't hilarious, it's crushingly sad.

But there's a way to keep from letting her bring you down. While we don't recommend any form of mind-eraser (that'll just make things worse), here are six ways to replace the image of Jenna with something uplifting and positive that proves there are plenty of things out there who we can be proud of.

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