Will Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Be At The 2015 MTV Movie Awards? If They Go, Things Could Get Awkward

Well, this could get pretty uncomfortable. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are both invited to the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday, April 12. After all, Stone and Garfield are nominated for Best Kiss for the movie they starred in together, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The real life couple have never exactly been shy about showing a bit of PDA, whether on-screen or on the red carpet. But they allegedly broke up, or are "on a break" right now, according to People.

Stone, for her part, seems to be handling the alleged breakup pretty well, at least according to photos seen of her whooping it up in Disneyland around the time when reports surfaced. Seeing as she is based in Los Angeles right now, she may very well end up attending the event. She has not issued a statement indicating otherwise, anyway. Besides, she's nominated for another award as well for Best Female Performance for Birdman. So she does have another reason to be there.

But what about Garfield? Well, he's currently on location filming a movie in Taiwan. The source who spoke to People said that one big reason for the couple's reported split was because of the pair's struggle with a long distance relationship. Seeing as he has been in Taiwan for quite some time now and has noticeably missed both the Golden Globes and the Oscars, even though Stone was a nominee, it would actually be odd on his part if he did show up to this award show. Either way, if their relationship really is over for good, this probably is one award these two would not mind passing on!


After all, if they did win the award, who would be the one to accept it? It would likely have to be Stone (provided she does end up going to the event). Imagine having to make a speech about a kiss you had with someone you are hypothetically on a break with, or broken up with. Talk about embarrassing! Who are you going to thank in the speech, if not the person you kissed? And how would you begin to address the obvious elephant in the room, if at all? Just thinking about it would probably fill even a pro actor or actress with stage fright.

Fans likely would not blame Stone if she decided to skip out on this award ceremony. But based on the fun Disneyland pictures of her, that does not really seem like her style. And she is up for another award, anyway. Guess you'll have to tune in on Sunday to find out!

Image: Getty Images