Want To Avoid Spoilers? Google Could Help Prevent You From Accidentally Spoiling Your Favorite TV Shows

If you're never caught up on television or always binge-watching an old show, listen up: Google's new spoilers patent could keep you from getting big plot twists ruined prematurely. Whether it's the details of the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones, who the mother was on How I Met Your Mother, or if they ever got off the island on Lost — don't worry, I won't give you any answers here — the secret could be safe with Google. Check out the full patent application below, which basically states that they would follow what you watch and where you're at in a show and block any content that could be a spoiler. A little privacy invasion equals a lot less screaming at your computer in the end here.

According to one innovative aspect of the subject matter described in this disclosure, a system for processing content spoilers includes: a controller for receiving activity data describing an activity performed by a first user and content data published by a second user; a progress module for determining a first progress stage for a subject associated with the activity based at least in part on the activity data; a determination module for determining whether the content data includes a spoiler for the first user based at least in part on the first progress stage; a warning module for obscuring the content data published by the second user from the first user responsive to the determination that the content data includes the spoiler, the warning module generating a spoiler warning indicating that the obscured content data includes the spoiler; and a presentation module for providing the spoiler warning to the first user.

Whether you're willing to sacrifice your privacy for the sake of avoiding spoilers is your choice, but if this patent goes through and Google actually makes something of it, it could be a game changer. To show the potential effects of a spoiler blocker, I've rounded up eight spoilers you could have avoided if this feature already existed.

Who Is Gossip Girl?

That's one secret Google would never tell.

Did Everyone Get Off The Island On Lost?

It won't be hidden in plane sight.

Does Meredith Grey Die On Grey's Anatomy?

It basically almost happens every week, to be honest.

Is Olivia With Fitz Or Jake On Scandal?

A still-unraveling mystery.

What's The Red Wedding On Game of Thrones?

And/or the Purple Wedding. Or any death ever.

Who Is "A" On Pretty Little Liars?

Hopefully it can block hashtags on Twitter, too, because those PLL fans love social media.

Does Walter White Get Caught & Die On Breaking Bad?

There are a lot of seasons to block here, Google.

Who Is The Mother On How I Met Your Mother?

It may be better to just block the series finale from being watched, too.

Images: ABC Family; Giphy (8)