The Candy Anatomy Instagram Is Your New Favorite Way To Study The Human Body, Hands Down

Out of all the professions out there, the people who you really hope paid attention in school are doctors, because nobody wants to hear that the lady rooting around in their intestines (or, say, transplanting their penis) decided to watch Netflix instead of studying for her anatomy final. However, as anyone who's studied/is studying/briefly flirted with the idea of studying medicine knows, sometimes it can be a total drag to spend all day err day memorizing bones and organ systems — unless you're familiar with the Candy Anatomy Instagram, that is. If you're a med student, pre-med student, or just plain bored and feel like looking at a super cool Instagram, prepare to have your mind blown.The creator of the Instagram, Mike McCormick, is a 27-year-old Glasgow University medical student, BuzzFeed reports. When regular old hitting the books just wasn't cutting it any more, he presumably decided to adopt a tactic used by elementary teachers for generations: take something universally acknowledged as boring (studying) and make it awesome by adding something universally beloved (candy). I prefer to imagine that he came up with the idea when someone mentioned the phrase "eye candy," after which he swept all his giant medical textbooks off the library table and shouted, "Eureka!" at the top of his lungs, but there's really no way to tell if that's how it went down.(It totally was, mark my words.)Even if that isn't exactly how he got the idea for Candy Anatomy, he's no slacker in the pun department.

May I present to you... "Eye Candy?"

Oh look, a digestive system... made of digestive cookies.

He calls this one "Jelly Belly." The man is a genius, I'm telling you.

This depiction of a myocardium is entitled... "myocandium."


This one isn't particularly punny, but it's too cool not to include.

Same with this picture of metacarpals. Around the world, medical students are kicking themselves for not using this system to study for the MCAT.

To see more from Candy Anatomy, head over to its Instagram page. In the meantime, is anyone else suddenly starving?

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Images: Candy Anatomy/Instagram, Giphy (2)