Who Are The 'Dash Dolls'? Meet The Most Likely Stars Of The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Spinoff

It's all happening, you guys. There is yet another Keeping Up With the Kardashians spinoff in the works, and this time it doesn't involve any Kardashians. "Excuse me?" you say. Why should you care about a KUWTK spinoff — Dash Dolls — if it doesn't involve a Kardashian? Well, because Kim K. and Ko. want you to care about it, that's why! But really, the new series, which follows the employees of DASH, is sure to be another successful venture via the Kardashians, and is sure to make breakout stars of its cast members.

The cast of Dash Dolls are supposedly employees of DASH Los Angeles, but I'm not sure I buy that entirely. Are these the real employees I would see if I walked into DASH? Or is this another SUR scenario, a la Vanderpump Rules, where the cast only seems to be working when they film the show? Either way, I'm already interested in the lives of the women the show will follow. But what will the show actually follow? Are we just going to watch these women sell clothes and really expensive bottled water with the Kardashian name on it for an hour each week? According to E!, Dash Dolls will follow the "young, fun, and hot employees as they navigate the hectic life of a twenty-something in Hollywood while representing the Kardashian brand." So hectic being a twenty-something, I tell ya.

So who are the women that will be the stars of the show? Here is who you need to know and what you need to know about them before Dash Dolls premieres in the fall (aka plenty of time to follow and stalk them on Instagram). (Also, I think a requirement to work at DASH is to have eyebrows that are on fleek.)

Malika Haqq & Khadijah Haqq

Malika and Khadijah probably look familiar to Kardashian fans, since they're besties with Khloe Kardashian. The two women are probably going to be the middlemen between the Kardashians and the DASH "dolls," and are definitely the biggest "stars" going into the series.

Caroline Burt

We met Caroline Burt in the Hamptons last year when she washed the boat for Khloe, Kourtney, and Scott. But now, Caroline seems to be the resident DJ at DASH, and it looks like she knows what she is doing.

Durrani Popal

You've definitely seen Durrani on KUWTK before (Remember when Khloe asked if her Halloween costume Instagram post was offensive? Durrani said it wasn't to her.) Durrani has been around the shop for a while, and has studied at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Nazy Farnoosh

Nazy is another familiar face for the DASH brand. She is the Assistant Manager of DASH Boutique. Nazy will definitely be featured in the show, as she has Retweeted fans on Twitter expressing their excitement for her to be featured on Dash Dolls.

Missy Flores

Another confirmed cast member is Missy Flores. According to her Twitter bio, Missy is a "Goofball extraordinaire, amateur foodie, closet hippie, lover of music, one of those glass half-full types," which all sounds very promising for a fan-favorite on Dash Dolls.

Stephanie De Souza

Stephanie is another shoe-in for the cast, as she has made it clear how excited she is to start filming. She also loves Mexican pizzas from Taco Bell.

Melody Rae Kandil

Melody is a model/actress who was seen at the DASH retreat in the KUWTK episode. She might or might not be dating Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks Quarterback, but nothing is confirmed. According to a LinkedIn profile, she has studied Business in Ohio, but hopes to model and act for as long as possible. Long term goals are to own her own business — who better to learn that from then the Kardash sisters?

Lexie Ramirez

Lexie is also another DASH employee we'll see on Dash Dolls. Along with being a "doll," Lexie is also a jewelry designer for Koko+Amor Jewelry, which you can see Khloe Kardashian wearing a lot of on this season of KUWTK.