Nora & Delia Ephron Teach Us How to Be Great Celebrity Siblings

Sibling relationships are tricky beasts but if anyone could teach us by example, it would be accomplished writers and generally lovely humans, Nora and Delia Ephron. Even with Nora's passing over a year ago, the two have still proven that sibling relationships can be super-fulfilling and strong: even when one of you is a mega-famous author/journalist/screenwriter/director and the other is a writer struggling with the pressures that come with finding your own way while having a celebrity sibling.

As an older sibling myself, I've rained anxiety-ridden terror upon my younger brother and sister for years (whoops sorry guys) — it's an easy thing to do, considering the circumstances of families and interpersonal relationships in general.

Which is to say, it's all about collaboration. And listening. And not being afraid of finding your own voice. Something the Ephron sisters knew and cared about when it came time to find their own road to success. The interview with Ephron the Younger regarding her newest book Sister Mother Husband Dog (Etc.), is chock-a-block with life lessons that transcend the world of famous-doings and, really, more than one or two folks out there could probably stand to learn such lessons.

So how do celebrity siblings navigate the terse tides and rocky waters of jointly-owned stardom? By watching the interview with Delia, we've managed to fish out the biggest hooks.

  1. Collaborate. Delia Ephron worked with her sister Nora on iconic and wonderfully amazing films such as You've Got Mail and Sleepless In Seattle. "Borrowed and stolen" though some ideas may be (between each of the women), Delia remarks that ultimately working together helps you come into your own.
  2. Provide Guidance. Sometimes. Know how and when to use your own experiences to help others. It's not about lecturing, it's about finding a mutually beneficial understanding.
  3. Be Separate People. Delia states that Nora always respected her need to "find her own voice," which was ultimately better suited for the page than the screen.
  4. Don't Compare Journeys. Everyone goes at their own pace! Nora was a success out the gate, but it took Delia until the age of 32 — after having written a piece called "How to Eat Like a Child" that ultimately helped her find her own footing.
  5. Support Each Other. Similarly to collaborating, knowing when to nuture and support each other's creative endeavors is key.
  6. Know Each Other. "She was a force," Delia explains of her charismatic sister Nora. But there was never any love lost between the two of them: Delia knew that her sister's characteristics made her a match for the charisma-driven world of Hollywood.
  7. Like Each Other! It always helps. So stop being a dick to your sibling(s) just because you're different people who come from the same place.

To see the whole interview, head over here.