The 'American Idol' Judges Got Critical Of Jax In The Top 8 But Their Words Will Only Help Her Get Closer To Winning

The American Idol judges have been pretty nice with their comments so far this season — but it seems that they're finally unleashing the criticism on the Top 8. And it's about time! Jax was the their first victim of the night and the judges had quite a few tough comments for the favorite. She was definitely shaken up over their critique about what she probably thought was one of her best performances yet — but the criticism was to push Jax to become better than she already is. We already know Jax is the one to beat, but if the judges keep up this act she's guaranteed to be the one to win.

I was really starting to doubt the judges purpose on this show. They've showered the contestants with niceties week after week — whether they performed well or not. I was seriously missing the days of Simon Cowell, his deep V-necks, and his even deeper cutting words. The contestants haven't been growing and the show has become a highly televised karaoke competition. But now that the criticism has begun, the show is finally heating up.

Jax is a clear favorite on the show, but she definitely deserved the criticism she received tonight. Her rendition of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" was really cool and unlike any other version we've heard before, but it was a little too different for the competition. Jax continues to push the envelope when it comes to song style and rearranging music. The more she pushes, though, the farther she gets from what would actually get played on the radio. And JLo was completely right about tonight's performance — even though it was great, it would never be played on the radio because it was just too different.

Jax has coasted through with the judges to this point because the fans are obsessed with her — it's seriously cultish. No matter what she sings they will vote for her and she will win. Now that the judges have realized she isn't going anywhere, they're trying to guide her to become a more radio-ready artist. I hope they keep it up because Jax is going to win American Idol and the more the judges push her, the more ready she'll be when it comes time to hit the recording studio.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX