How To Successfully Wash Your Hair In The Sink

We've all been there: You're in a bind for time and you just don't have a minute to jump in the shower. Sometimes it's when you wake up late for work or school and other times maybe you simply don't feel like having a full-fledged shower because, well, you're lazy (everybody has those days!). Yes, I said that in Hannah Montana's voice; I'm only human. But if your hair tends to get greasier than your liking after a while like mine, or you usually have to wash your hair daily, or you just don't think dry shampoo will do the job, try washing your hair in the sink for a change. I used to do this all the time in high school when I would wake up too late and it was a total life saver. (We also need to talk about why we have to wake up so early for high school, but that's a conversation for another day.)

Washing my hair in the sink isn't something I do on the regular, but I recently resorted to this way of washing when my friends were coming over and I had a severe case of ponytail hair. After I got a text in which they were bombarding me, I rushed to the kitchen sink, pushed my mother and the dishes aside (JK), and washed my hair as quick as could be.

Washing your mane in the sink is an easy option for those lazy days when you still want to appear like you made an effort to look fresh, but can't bring yourself to put your body in the shower. I really wish I was someone who could stop washing her hair every day, but I just don't think that's in the cards for me. I envy the girls who can just run some dry shampoo through their tendrils and be good to go, but it just won't work for me. So this is how I will do it when I'm in a rush and don't want to shower, but my hair still needs a good lather, rinse, and repeat. (Just kidding about repeat.)

Question: Does anyone legitimately do that? Get back to me on that. Anyway, here is my general step by step process of sink-washing my mane.

1. Roll Up Your Sleeves

This is a crucial step, people. Do not skip. I repeat, do not skip. The last thing you want when you're in a stressful rush or a lazy stupor is annoying, soaking sleeves. I mean, you could just be more practical and wear something with short sleeves, too. But I was cold and I am unnaturally attached to my robe.

2. Get Wet

That wasn't meant to sound so dirty. This step is very simple. It's easiest if you have a removable, pull-out faucet. Make sure you get all of your hair as wet as possible. It is a little tougher to get the front of your head, but it's important! You can see I have a towel around my shoulders because I don't want my precious robe to get all wet. (Also, I hope you enjoy my mother's Easter figurines.)

3. Lather

Lather that hair, lather it good! Don't be lazy here — do it like they do in the salons for the best results. I am using Biolage Cooling Mint Scalp Sync shampoo, which I think makes my hair really soft and fresh for a while.

Biolage Scalpsync Cooling Mint Shampoo, $17, Amazon

4. Time To Dry

And then after you rinse out all the shampoo, you are basically done! Just make sure you wrap it up nicely so as to not get soaked. I had done my makeup before this so it was especially important for me to not get my face all wet.

5. Comb It Out

Lastly, I would definitely suggest combing your hair out because after you take it out of the towel, it can look pretty nuts. Because you washed your hair essentially backwards, your hair will look somewhat like George Washington's before you brush it out. Then you are ready to blow it dry if you have the time, otherwise air dry is a good way to go.

There ya go! Give it a try peeps.

Images: Author's Own