9 Unconventional Ways To Match Your Prom Date That Won't Induce Your Gag Reflex

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If you've read any of my work thus far, you might get the feeling that I'm all for experimenting with fashion, and major events are no different. So let's take a moment to discuss unconventional ways to match your prom date.

When I went to prom, I wasn't particularly traditional. I live in England, and we kind of culturally appropriated the idea of "Prom" from you lovely Yanks. Thanks. Therefore, we have one at the end of compulsory schooling at age 16, and one at 18 at the end of Sixth Form (grades 12 and 13, more or less).

The first time around, I went with my best female friend, as my boyfriend was at another school, and was far too cool to come. I didn't really care, though. I ate tasty food and danced like a crazy person in my vintage pink metallic 1980s cocktail dress, with way too many accessories. The second time around I was deeply in love, but my boyfriend found the whole thing vomit-inducing and also refused to accompany me. We'd been nominated "Cutest Couple" as well! So... I didn't go! And I was seriously gutted.If, unlike me, you have managed to get your date actually to the prom — but don't fancy doing the matching colored ties and dresses thing; or the traditional corsage and buttonhole rigmarole (blurgh!) — why not try these unconventional pairings instead?

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