16 Signs You Took The Wrong Date To Prom

by Kaitlin Reilly

Now that high school prom season is winding down, it's time for the post mortem. What could be a more memorable way to end your high school career than by dancing the night away with a group of your friends — and, hopefully, a fantastic date with whom you're excited to spend the evening? Sure, prom may be more of a glorified school dance than the epic dream night that movies like She's All That make it out to be, but it's always nice to partner up with someone great for the night.

Unfortunately, not every prom date is created equal. How do you know you picked the wrong person to go to prom with? Here are 16 signs that your date was a we hope you had fun without them.

1. Their reaction to you asking them to prom was less than enthusiastic.

"Prom? With you? Err... uhh... I guess..."

2. Clean sweatpants and a fitted tee is what they consider "acceptable formal wear."

But... where would the boutonniere go?

3. You get the feeling that they're only going to prom for one reason. And that reason is the spiked punch bowl.

4. You've just arrived, but they already look bored.

If they can't find an ounce of joy in seeing their weird bio teacher in a white tux, then, well, what good are they?

5. This is how they react when you ask them to dance.

6. And don't even TRY to take a couple photo.

What, are you a vampire? It's ONE photo!

7. They don't appreciate your wicked sick dance moves.

8. They insist on taking over the DJ booth.

Prom is just not the place for dubstep, k?

9. They aren't big on practicing proper dinner etiquette.

For the love of God, please just eat your bread.

10. Their full-on make out session with someone who was definitely not you was a tad disrespectful...

It sure did make the limo ride back awkward.

11...Though it did explain their disappearing act during the last three hours of prom.

12. And, seriously, that prom prank? REALLY not cool.

13. You're starting to wonder why you even bothered with a prom date in the first place.

14. You're having way more fun just hanging out with your friends!

15. You realize that you're having a blast, with or without your "date."

16. And that, as long as you have cool friends around, prom can be kind of awesome.

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