A Bunch Of Young People Flee From A Giant, Inflatable Ball In Some Weird 'Indiana Jones'-Meets-Coachella Situation — VIDEO

I understand that the opinions and preferences of human beings vary quite a lot. This includes definitions of "fun." What I might think is fun could reasonably be expected to be entirely different from what other people think is fun. I get that, and I respect it. I'm not here to yuck someone else's yum. That said, I cannot shake the feeling people who, on the surface, take great pleasure in completing obstacle courses and other tests in survival for the hell of it are all total liars. That being said, I still highly respect people who totally own challenges like that woman who beat The American Ninja Warrior obstacle course. In that case, it seems there was a logical motive present: proving something. But this? Some things I'll ever understand, like this group of people who ran from a giant inflatable ball down a hill. OK! Whatever makes you happy, guys.

The video, aptly titled "Indiana Jones in Real Life!", mimics the classic scene from Raiders Of The Lost Arc where a rather babely, young Harrison Ford as he runs for his life from a giant boulder as it hurls toward him down a chute (a chute, right?). West Coast-based videographer Devin Graham staged the grassy ode with a gang of tanned young people. In Graham's version, he swaps the rock for an inflatable ball because, sure, he might be crazy enough to consider this a worthwhile use of time, but he isn't trying to kill anyone. Even though a behind-the-scenes video includes footage of at least one participant who scored a bloody nose...

No, thank you. Maybe, for some, this is considered an adventure. But since we are encouraged to choose our own adventures in this #blessed life, I prefer to keep my adventures not rooted in survival or dodging actual bodily harm. Maybe I'm soft. I can live with that. See the experiment below:

Also, what's up with the people trapped inside the watery ball-within-the-ball? It's kind of like, channeling Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne at every festival show since 2006:

Welp, this guy does look pretty deliriously happy:

Clearly, I'm missing something. Alas, I'd rather watch Temple Of Doom for the 13th time than run for my intact nose down a grassy hill. ::shrug::

Images: devinsupertramp/Instagram; devingraham/YouTube; houdrummer/YouTube; devinsupertramp/YouTube