Before 'Daredevil' Charlie Cox Had 7 Roles That Were Basically Built To Make You Swoon

If you're not already familiar with the name Charlie Cox, you will be very soon. This 31-year old British actor has snagged the lead role as Matt Murdock in the highly anticipated Netflix original series Daredevil. While that is the role he will likely be identified with for years to come, that doesn't mean he is new to scene. Cox has been quietly making a name for himself in Hollywood for years now. He's clearly a talented guy, his film projects alternate between drama, comedy and action and while I'm sure there's plenty about his acting technique to appreciate let's face it: he's also completely swoon-worthy with a cute accent to boot. And these seven Charlie Cox pre- Daredevil roles so prove it.

So who is this hottie brave enough to follow in Ben Affleck's Daredevil footsteps? You've very likely seen Cox's handsome face before and never even realized it. He's gone toe-to-toe with Steve Buscemi and Robert De Niro — not to mention shared the screen with Heath Ledger (more on that in a minute). Watch any interview with him and you'll see he's got charm in spades, not to mention a darling accent. (Have I already mentioned the accent? Because I'm pretty into the accent.)

Once you're done marathoning all 13 episodes of Daredevil get your Cox fix by checking out any (and all!) of his most crush-worthy roles, which I have lined up for you in one place. You can thank me later. (And you will. Trust me.)

7. Giovanni Bruni In Casanova

Let's kick this off with a very simple math equation. Charlie Cox + Heath Ledger = You renting Casanova immediately. It's a smaller role, but the whole movie is focused around Cox and Ledger being young and charming with the ladies. Obviously it's a must watch.

6. Josemaria Escrivia In There Be Dragons

Javier Martinez on YouTube

Think Saints can't be sexy? Please go check out There Be Dragons right now. This epic film is set during the Spanish civil war and is centered around people trying to find meaning and purpose in their lives. The movie is great, and Cox in phenomenal in it.

6. Duke of Crowborough In Downton Abbey

Long before Lady Mary started up with Matthew Crawley she was very interested in the stuffy (but good looking) Duke of Crowborough. Check out Season 1 of Downton Abbey to see Cox in all his equestrian-formal-wear glory.

5. Jonathan Hellyer Jones In The Theory Of Everything

Yeah, he even makes the '70s look good. As the Hawkings' friend, babysitter, caretaker and... personal associate of Jane Hawking, Cox was front-and-center in the Oscar-winning movie. He didn't take home any big awards for it, but it made this list and that's basically just as good, right?

4. Ishmael In Moby Dick

charlietoby1 on YouTube

Call him Ishmael? Don't mind if I do. (Sorry, not sorry.) He hunts a whale, he sails a ship, he rocks some amazing pirate-wear. This Moby Dick adaptation has it all!

2. Tristan Thorn In Stardust

Remember back when we were talking about Robert De Niro? In Startdust DeNiro plays (I kid you not) a pirate named Captain Shakespeare; he and Cox swashbuckle and it's glorious. Claire Danes is also in the criminally underrated gem of a movie. Come for Charlie Cox being dorky, stay for Charlie Cox learning to fight and saving the day.

1. Owen Slater In Boardwalk Empire

Sky Atlantic on YouTube

Oh Owen Slater, I think I loved you most of all. Cox was is Season 2 and 3 of Boardwalk Empire as the Irish bodyguard Slater. I can't tell you too much about it without spoiling two amazing seasons but I will say that in a show packed with hot guys with accents, Cox was the clear heartbreaker.

Images: sterek, hcavills, netflixdaredevil, sirredmayne/Tumblr