This Photo Of Two Women Intimately Embracing On A Subway Platform Has Gone Viral And You Won't Believe Why — PHOTO

Sometimes prejudice comes from unexpected places. Like when we see prejudice that isn't even there. It's unfortunate that the expectation of prejudice is the norm, and more unfortunately still that expectation serves to perpetuate prejudice. Which is probably why the following photo of two women embracing on a train platform, taken by Google Brazil employee named Nelson Fillipe, and its accompanying caption, have shocked the Internet. The photo shows two women in the foreground, locked in an intimate hug. The caption that goes along with it begins:

"I am not prejudiced, I think everyone should do what they want in their lives. But I find it absurd that I have to witness a scene like this. What people do in private is their business only, but yes, what you do in public concerns me. And I refuse to see a scene like this and consider it normal. They're challenging social conventions, and that can be dangerous. What if some tragedy strikes, or worse, if someone dies, who's to blame? Worst of all is the example it sets for the children."

Now look at the photo:

Upon reading this, alongside the photo, everyone's automatic first thought was that this guy was a giant, awful homophobe. We've obviously been conditioned to think this way; we're trained to think that certain turns of phrase, like "what you do in public concerns me" or "the example it sets for the children" or the use of "normal" to describe behaviors, are all red flags that a prejudicial conclusion will be made. But the caption goes on:

"What would happen to a child who sees this scene every day? Kids will think it's normal to wait for the subway on the yellow line. So, don't act like that guy over there. Follow the example of the girls."

So there you have it. This was simply a public safety PSA wrapped in a joke — and maybe a nudge to check yourself on your own prejudices.

Meanwhile, we should always be aware of subway safety, because, as we all know, the subway can be a dangerous place.

Images: russelljsmith/Flickr; Facebook; Giphy (2)