Doug The Party Goat Might Be The Basic Bro Of Instagram Animals, But We Still Love Him — PHOTOS

It's been a good minute since I last flipped through Animal Farm , but I don't really remember farm animals classically depicted as worthy companions in getting crunk. Am I wrong here? Well, clearly I am since Doug The Party Goat brings the party and keeps it going. He blends Animal Farm with Animal House and embodies the hoofed animal version of a frat boy. Doug, the newest to join the proud gang of famous animals of Instagram, sure has some very basic loves like Starbucks, floor pizza (exactly what it sounds like), hanging with bikini-clad babes, and polarized lens sunglasses. But he balances that out with a very clear natural talent for raging. Basically, Doug is who you want to party with. And he's just like us! In one post's comment section, Doug asks, "Lost my rockstar shirt that night! Anyone else loose (sic) sh*t when partying?!!?" Yes, Doug! My belongings definitely grow legs after a certain point in any booze-fueled night.

Doug started partying on Instagram just two weeks ago, as part of an Arizona spring break voyage because, of course. He is already getting solicited to join in the style-heavy partying of Coachella. But just because he's living the #peakbasic life doesn't mean he isn't a whole lot of fun.

Here is he is performing his signature move #motorgoating:

Would you allow a goat to stuff his face in your cleavage? I can't decide. Just kidding, I can decide: I would not. Yet, he has evidently found plenty of women who answer otherwise:

At least we'll also have floor pizza. Right, Doug? Right.

Mmm...floor pizza.

Images: dougthepartygoat/Instagram (6)