#IAmUnique Campaign Celebrates Our Differences

In January, vintage clothing website, Unique Vintage, launched a liberating yearlong program aimed at celebrating women, and all their many differences. The #IAmUnique campaign is meant to demonstrate the range and diversity of Unique Vintage's clientele, proving that no matter their differences in appearance, lifestyle, or taste, these women (and men in drag) are all rocking these retro pieces to the utmost and showcasing everything that makes them beautiful. The campaign suggests that whatever stage you are at in your life, there is something unifying and liberating in dressing yourself exactly how you want in whatever way makes you feel like the best version of you.

As Katie Echeverry, the company's founder and CEO puts it in an email to Bustle, “Unique Vintage has never been for just one type of person. We’ve always been this melting pot of people and we embrace that. All of our ‘darlings’ – our customers, employees, and brand partners – come from all walks of life, in all shapes and sizes, and from all backgrounds and beliefs. We really just wanted to pull back the curtain and celebrate that.”

Each month, the campaign asks women to show off a different aspect of what makes them unique. This month's theme is "Fresh Faces" which encourages Unique Vintage's customers to snap a picture of the facial features that make them feel most confident.

The overall affect of Unique Vintage's campaign is an unbridled celebration of womanhood in whatever form it may take, a supremely uplifting message during a time when women's rights are being questioned by our government, feminism is being subtly undermined by society, and bodies of every size are being shamed for simply existing. It's high time we all felt free to honor every single thing about ourselves and shout it out loud — #IAmUnique!

Images: Unique Vintage (3)