'Orange Is The New Black' Season 3 Trailer Indicates Some Major 'Ships Are Returning — VIDEO

In the span of its first two seasons, Orange Is The New Black featured its fair share of power couples, both romantic and platonic. After all, it makes sense that spending 24 hours a day in prison would see inmates forming bonds of friendship and love in an effort to stave off the loneliness and craziness they all face behind bars. It's one of the best parts of the series and, thankfully, it doesn't seem that the show is going to let up on this any time soon — that is, if Orange Is The New Black 's newly released Season 3 trailer is any indication.

With this new trailer's reminder that the third season of OITNB is swiftly approaching (hurry up, June!), I can't help feeling excited at the prospect of being reunited with some of my favorite pairings at Litchfield Correctional Facility this summer. Not only will we see the infamous Alex and Piper reunited, but we'll also be able to catch up with the rest of our beloved duos — and we'll probably witness a few new hookups, as well. I can't wait!

To help us all prepare for the new season, I think it's time to round up some of the best OITNB pairings from the past two seasons. (Let's be real, though, do we ever really need an excuse for this?)

Alex & Piper

Alex and Piper's relationship is tumultuous to say the least, and has blurred the line between friendship and romance on many occasions. Do they belong together? That's up for discussion between diehard shippers — but, the point remains that they WILL be reunited in Season 3. (Personally, I'm hoping for some sexy times between them, I'm not going to lie.)

Taystee & Poussey

Sure, if Poussey had her way, she and Taystee would have been a couple from day on — but Taystee's not a lesbian and prefers they stay friends. Thankfully, they do stay friends, and they're the best friend duo in Litchfield, I'd say. Watching them together is always fun since they have such awesome chemistry together.

Daya & Bennett

It's hardly a dream romance when you're a prisoner who falls for a prison guard (or vice versa) but Daya and Bennett are too cute to not like together. Nothing says romance like a man willing to smuggle prenatal vitamins into the hospital in his hollow leg for you, eh?

Nicky & Morello

ICYMI, Morello was Nicky's main squeeze for a pretty long time. Morello was a bit warped and attached to life on the outside, making their relationship difficult, but they were pretty cute together, you have to admit.

Red & the Chicken

She never did find her heart's true desire, but Red searched for that chicken like it was her job and like her life depended on it — so it was heartbreaking to watch when it (spoiler alert!) got away.

Alex & Crazy Eyes

Alex and Crazy Eyes weren't really a couple, per se, but it wasn't for lack of trying on Suzanne's part. She really wanted a "chocolate & vanilla swirl" and took the news that Alex wasn't interested pretty hard — but they were able to eventually form a solid friendship, and it was fun while the chase lasted.

Big Boo & Anyone She Can Get Her Hands On

You've gotta give Big Boo credit where it's due — no lady is off limits when it comes to her sexual prowess. She'll try it with anyone, and always keeps her sense of humor when she gets turned away (which doesn't seem to be often, funny enough). We can all learn from Big Boo's positivity.

Check the Season 3 OINTB trailer below:

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