What Song Is In The 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 3 Trailer? Jam Out While Waiting For The Premiere — VIDEO

It seems like it has been an eternity since we got new episodes of Orange Is the New Black , but Season 3 is coming this summer, and the brand-new trailer shows all of the action happening at Litchfield. In addition to showing us a preview of which characters and storylines will be featured — excluding Larry, because Jason Biggs won't be in this season —there is also an awesome, blood-pumping soundtrack playing in the background.

You're probably wondering what song is in the Orange Is the New Black trailer so you can add it to your running playlist, but it actually may already be on your Spotify account. Imagine Dragon's "I'm So Sorry" plays as we catch up with Piper, Alex, Crazy Eyes, and the rest of the gang, with the song getting louder and more chaotic as the characters' lives do the same. Not only does the beat of the song fit the show, but the lyrics do, too — "So you gotta fire up, you gotta let go/You'll never be loved till you've made your own/You gotta face up, you gotta get yours/You never know the top 'til you get too low." Hmm, sounds a lot like Piper's life before, during, and (likely) after prison. Check out the trailer and the full song below.

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Image: Netflix