These Gold Mask Men Have A Big 'GoT' Role To Play

One of the many, many great things about a series like Game of Thrones is that you never know what new and exciting characters you'll stumble upon throughout this journey for the Iron Throne. And Sunday night's Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere is no exception. As you undoubted noticed during one of your hundreds of times watching the official GoT trailer, an army of men in gold masks appear multiple times looking all kinds of creepy. (Seriously, you don't want to run into one of these guys on the streets.) But who are these masked men and what do they have to do with the series' fifth installment?

Well, before I get around to answering anything, I'd be amiss if I didn't warn you that some decent-sized BOOK SPOILERS are ahead. So if you'd much rather be kept in the dark and figure things out as the season progresses, that's totally fine, but I highly suggest you stop reading right now. (No, really. You should not even be reading this sentence.) Because I'm about to reveal that the men in the gold masks are actually called the Sons of the Harpy. Still not entirely sure what that means? Let's try and break this down as best we can.

The Sons of the Harpy are, by all accounts, a secret community of noblemen hidden throughout the city of Mereen, who and none too happy with Daenerys' abolishment of the slave trade and seek to undermine her rule. And they go about doing so in some not-so-nice ways, like by slaying Freedmen and the Unsullied in the dead of night. So you can imagine how this will create a bit of problem for Dany moving forward. Because it's not as if these men aren't well trained. They are extremely prepared to take on such a battle, which is more than evident in the fight scenes shown throughout the trailer. However, if we're being honest here, I'm always going to place my bets with the side that has dragons waiting in the wings.

But the Sons aren't just interested in taking Dany down, but also anyone who even offers her any form of aid. And given how dedicated we all know Grey Worm is, I have a bad feeling this war is going to end in his demise at one point or another. (Though I've never hoped to be more wrong.) And, of course, no evil army is ever complete without an equally evil ruler known as The Harpy, whose identity has yet to be known. (However, some people have some pretty great theories on the subject.)

Either way, though, it's clear that this is a force to be reckoned with and will provide quite a bit of heartache for our Mother of Dragons as we dive headfirst into this season. Luckily, it's going to take a lot more than some super sketchy dudes in masks to bring this badass lady down. They are the ones who should be afraid. Not the other way around.

Images: YouTube (2); capleesi/Tumblr