This Sex Product Claims a 100% (!) Orgasm Rate

Some people use technology to eradicate polio, or create desperately needed vaccines; others use it to create VA w.o.w., the wireless, vibrating female condom. No matter which use you prefer, one thing is clear. Isn't it just a wonderful time to be alive? This wonderful invention is the brainchild of a Michigan-based barrier contraceptive manufacturer, IXu, the Daily Dot reports. Female condoms aren't everyone's cup of tea (apparently rustling sounds emanating from your vagina during sex aren't exactly a turn-on), but you might want to reconsider your stance on the subject when you hear about everything the VA w.o.w. has to offer. Like other female condoms, it can be inserted up to eight hours before sex, and the outer ring that prevents it from getting pushed inside the vagina during sex (yikes) is studded with mini vibrators. According to IXu's Brian Osterberg, it's pretty much the best thing to ever happen to your lady bits. "

The rate of orgasm for women by the fourth time of use was 100 percent," he told the Daily Dot. OK, so apparently it takes some getting used to, and if there's anything I learned from college, it's not to trust any statistic that perfect. But hey, even if the orgasm rate ends up half as high, I'd count that as a success.

<img alt="thumbs up animated GIF " src="" class="article-body-image" title="Image:"/>The vibrating condom isn't on the market just yet, but Osterberg told the Daily Dot that he hopes to have it hit the shelves in Europe in the next 12 to 18 months. Considering the slow but steady rise in female condom use over the past few years, there's definitely a market ready and waiting for the w.o.w. in the United States. It isn't approved by the FDA yet, though, so it looks like American ladies will have to make do with the regular old hands-on vibrators and condoms for a while.

Unless you're interested in getting your vibrator implanted inside you, that is.

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Not feeling that idea? Me either.

Images: Gaellery/Flickr, Giphy (2)