Will Ashley Parker Angel Replace Zayn Malik In One Direction? 6 Reasons The O-Town Member Would Be A Great Fit — VIDEO

So, this news might come too soon for One Direction fans, but it looks like former O-Town member Ashley Parker Angel wants to join One Direction. That's right, the singer wants to replace Zayn Malik. On Monday, Angel posted a video on social media of himself singing "Night Changes" and proposing the idea that he might be the perfect fit for One Direction. He wrote, "Just in case @onedirection decides they want the token older brother member #fakeaudition #15secondscover."

Before 1D fanatics have a heart attack, Angel clearly stated that he's just joking and it's a "fake audition." Ever since Zayn Malik exited One Direction, there's been talk about whether Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson would add a new fifth member. Of course, I don't think that will ever happen, but maybe Parker wouldn't be a bad choice? Yes, he's a bit older than the current 1D members, but age shouldn't be a factor. It all should be based on his experience.

For those of us who followed O-Town, in addition to watching them on MTV's Making the Band, we all know how talented Parker is. He can sing, dance, and possesses all kinds of musical expertise. Even though he doesn't have a fun accent (at least to those of us who live in America), Parker joining One Direction might not be a bad choice. Plus, he does a nice cover of "Night Changes."

With that said, here are six reasons why Ashley Parker Angel would make a great One Direction member.

He Has Previous Boy Band Experience

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Seeing as Angel was once in O-Town, that should be enough reason for him to join One Direction. He has the singing talent. He has the dancing skills. Plus, he knows what it's like to work with others, have creative differences, tour with four other guys, and handle the spotlight. He sounds like the perfect fit, if I do say so myself.

The Band Needs Another Blonde

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Let's face it, Niall Horan could use another blonde friend. Enter Angel. I know, his hair is now brown, but he can totally dye it back to that blonde us O-Town fanatics remember him sporting.

His O-Town Status Would Bring In More Fans

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Can you imagine the fans One Direction would gain if Angel joined? All of us (yes, me included) who loved O-Town would totally purchase tickets for their tour and download 1D's music. The band would roll in even more dough thanks to Angel.

Have You Seen His Abs?

Do I need to say more? His abs might give Harry's hair some competition.

He Knows What It Means To Work Hard

No, I don't just mean working hard on those abs, which are also clearly hard. Ever since O-Town went their separate ways, Angel made sure to focus on his career. Not only does he release his own music, but Angel travels with the national tour of Wicked , where he plays Fiyero. He even starred as Link in Broadway's Hairspray. So, yeah, his determination and love of music would benefit 1D.

He Respects One Direction Fans

Based on this tweet from Thursday, Angel considers himself a true One Direction fan. It seems he's just joking about wanting to replace Malik, and Angel would never want to upset the 1D fans anyways. If that doesn't say loyalty and respect, I don't know what does.

Maybe we'll soon see Angel touring with One Direction. If not, maybe he can just collaborate with the UK boy band and even show them some old school boy band dance moves.

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