'Arrow' Recap: The Arrow Faces Off Against the Doll Maker (PLUS Quentin and The Arrow Have the Cutest Bromance Ever)

It's okay. You can go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief. Arrow did not get shot by that S.W.A.T. team that surrounded him at the end of last week's episode. In this week's episode, "Broken Dolls," he (wait for it)...escapes immediately.

I know, I know, you were really on the edge of your seat with that one, but Arrow decided to shock us all by not ending the series at the beginning of season two. Bold move, CW.

But seriously, Arrow's blonde friend (we think she's a friend anyway, what with all the life-saving) swooped in with a handy sonic device that crippled the S.W.A.T. team long enough for an escape. Especially impressive? The device was magically (or perhaps scientifically) calibrated to affect the eardrums of everyone in the room except Arrow and who appears to be Canary.

On a plot level, the episode focused on a serial killer, the doll maker (real name: Barton Mathis - with a name like that, a life of crime was pretty much inevitable. Bad call, Mama Mathis.). His M.O. is suffocating women with a goopy liquid and then dressing them as dolls, which is super creep city. Turns out Quentin put him away back in the day and he's escaped. Ruh roh.

While the doll maker plot is certainly interesting, the episode really hinges on the development of Arrow and Quentin's relationship. Now that Quentin has been demoted to beat cop, he cares a lot less where his justice comes from.

Cutest Things about the Arrow/Quentin Bromance:

1. Quentin officially renamed him The Arrow, which is just perfect since he wanted to ditch The Hood anyway.

2. Quentin can call him, Batman-style, when crime is afoot.

3. Quentin totally defended him to Laurel, which was a 180, but really fun to see.

Okay, back to the episode: The other big emotional thread of the episode was Laurel coming to terms with why she's really been blaming Arrow for Tommy's death. It's because she feels responsible. Looks like one more thing she and Oliver have in common - they're both kind of directly responsible for the deaths of the people the other was closest to in life. ...Aww?

This revelation sends Laurel into quite the breakdown, but on the bright side, she probably won't be planning any more sting operations to bring down The Arrow. After he saves her and her father from the vindictive doll maker, she seems to be back on Team Vigilante.

Finally, what about Canary? Well, she's met by a ninja-type messenger who says Ra's al Ghul (yes, as in Liam Neeson...except probably not Liam Neeson) wants her to return. When he refuses to lie for her, she promptly kills him. Now we know where she got her badass training and just how far she'll go to protect her secrets. I don't know about you, but I just love her more and more.

Did you watch this week's Arrow? What did you think?

Image: The CW