How To Get Amber Rose's Showstopping Smile

As the days continue to warm up, everyone will soon start shedding their clothes in exchange for Victoria's Secret bikinis, fringy sarongs, and golden tanned skin. And what's the perfect accessory to go with your healthy, glowy summer skin? Glowing, bright white teeth to match. Amber Rose revealed her pearly whites on her Instagram today and they're inspiring some serious teeth envy.

A flawless white smile is pretty much a beauty staple for celebs, but Amber Rose has taken that to a whole other level. “I’ve tried a lot of different over the counter teeth whitening kits and strips but the @expresssmileatlanta whitening kit has been my go to since I’ve been traveling so much. I’m loving my results!" Rose captioned her Insta. Okay, so that's a shameless sales plug if I ever did see one. But you can't deny the perfection that is Amber's smile. Offset by bright pink lipstick and glowy, golden skin, Amber's pearly whites seriously put your Crest White Strips to shame.

The whitening kit Amber mentioned in her photo is actually a celeb fave and comes with a mini-version of the LED light dentists use to perfect smiles. You can buy the kit for $35 on the company's website, but there are tons of other options, makeup tricks, and DIY recipes to get your choppers ready for the summer sun and are guaranteed to get you smiling!

Pinterest Paste

Pure Baking Soda, $6, Amazon

This DIY whitening paste has been making the Pinterest rounds and it boasts a simple recipe with serious results. Mix a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda until the two form a paste, and then gently brush with it for two minutes. This is especially great for people whose teeth are too sensitive (i.e. me) for the old Crest Strips method. However, dentists recommend only using this treatment once a week, since the ingredients can become abrasive.

Brush on Bronzer

Physicians Formula, $8, Amazon

Tanned skin makes white teeth pop. Take a cue from Kim K and contour those cheekbones and layer on the bronzer to instantly whiten your smile.

The Gwen Stefani Cure


She taught us to spell bananas back in middle school, and now you can use 'em to get her pop star smile. It sounds, well, bananas, but banana peels can actually be a great, natural teeth whitener thanks to their plethora of vitamins and minerals. Simply rub the inside of a banana peel on your teeth for two minutes and then brush them with your regular toothpaste. You'll look ridiculous but your pearly whites are worth it.

Be a Blue-Toned Babe

NYX The Blue Lip Gloss, $7, Amazon

Take a page out of Amber Rose's playbook. Because blue is found opposite yellow on the color wheel, it negates any yellow tint or stains on your teeth. Therefore, lipsticks and glosses that contain a blue base gives the illusion of brighter, whiter teeth. Try NYX's The Blue Lip Gloss, a berry-hued lip tint designed to have this specific effect.

An Excuse to Eat Strawberry Shortcake


Eating handfuls of strawberries is surprisingly another great, all natural way to whiten your smile. Turns out, your favorite summer fruit contains malic acid, which is a pro at erasing coffee, tea, and wine stains, and vitamin C, a proven plague destroyer. Want to kick it up a notch? Mash up a couple and mix it with baking soda. Brush the sweetly-scented paste on your teeth for two minutes.

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