12 Times When You Need Your Best Friend

If you're very lucky, you probably have many important relationships in your life: Your parents, siblings, friends, and romantic partners, to name a few. All of these bonds are incredibly important, but, sometimes, there’s really no one you can to talk to like your best friend. Your best friend is a person in your life with whom you have almost no boundaries: You are honest with each other (almost to a creepy, gross, "no one needed to know that" level), you find each other completely hilarious, and you trust each absolutely. You have so much shared history that he or she almost always understands where you’re coming from, and most of the time it doesn’t take more than a shared look and a raised eyebrow for you two to be able to guess what the other is thinking.

Most of us go through our lives talking with a filter, even to people we love dearly. There are just certain things we can’t say, and questions we can’t ask, of family members, or significant others, or casual friends. But with your best friend, you know that you can always speak and always ask, and he or she won’t make fun of you. Actually, that’s a lie, your BFF will totally make fun of you—but then he or she will give you an honest, heartfelt response, and support you, even if what you’re doing is ridiculous in the extreme. Read on for 12 times that your best friend is the only one you can talk to.

1. When you’ve just done something monumentally embarrassing

You’re so embarrassed, you seriously want to go live in a hole forever, but the whole thing is also completely hilarious, so your BFF has got to know.

2. When you need to know if that thing your new boy/girlfriend just did in bed is normal or completely weird

And if it is weird, is it bad that you sort of liked it?

3. When you are sending an email to a crush, your boss, or pretty much anyone

Your best friend reads all first drafts of important correspondence, naturally.

4. When you need to know if this outfit is terrible. No, really.

Your mom just says, “Oh, honey, you look beautiful in everything,” which doesn’t help at all. You trust your best friend to tell it to you straight when you look like a clown and/or Coachella attendee.

5. When you need to know if this outfit is slutty, and, if so, is it slutty in a good way?

Not that there is any specific degree of exposure that is inherently, universally wrong, but everyone has their personal style and their own limits as to how much skin is too much before they just don't feel like themselves. Only your best friend will tell you the truth about when you're reaching that limit, because she knows where that limit is for YOU. She also has your back when dressing on the risqué side is entirely your goal and anyone wants to shame you for it.

6. When you need to reminisce about something that happened in 7th grade

None of your other friends even knew you then, but your BFF remembers it with you like it was yesterday.

7. When you need to know if your bra fits correctly

Sometimes you just need a second opinion.

8. When you need to know if your new haircut is working or not


9. When you need your friend to help fix your terrible haircut

Maybe just a few little snips here and there will fix it, right? (When it all goes horribly wrong, your best friend is there to tell you that your hair can only be saved by a licensed professional.)

10. When you need to know if everybody hates your S.O.

All your other friends just say, “Of course not, he’s great!” but you trust your best friend to tell you the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable.

11. When you need to have a cry about the fight you just had with your mom

Your best friend knows everything about you, including all of the family history behind that argument. You don’t need to explain; your BFF already understands.

12. When you need to obsess about the text your ex just sent you

Sure, you’ve told everyone else that you’ve completely moved on, but your best friend knows you’re still not over it, and that this text has you completely jumbled. She doesn’t judge.

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