Is Sebastian Stan Single?

by Kaitlin Reilly

If you have a thing for bad boys, then you probably adore Sebastian Stan. That's not to say that the actor is a bad guy in real life — he just played on on TV. I fell head over heels for Stan's charm when he was on Gossip Girl, playing the only rich kid more troubled than Chuck Bass, Carter Baizen. Since then, I've followed Stan's career closely — from his turn on Once Upon A Time as the "Mad Hatter" to his time in Washington, D.C. on USA Network's summer series Political Animals. Oh and, yeah, he also happened to be in this little movie called Captain America as Bucky Barnes. Stan's career is on the up and up, and it couldn't be happening to a cuter — err, better — guy. It's doubtful that many people would be able to resist Stan's charm, but what's his love life actually like? And more importantly — is Sebastian Stan single?

Sorry to burst your bubble, world — it looks like this guy might be taken. If you believe the press, Stan's actually had a steady stream of girlfriends in recent years — and they all happen to be the women you love watching on television. Check out who Stan dated — and who he's allegedly cozying up to now.

Leighton Meester (2008-2010)

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Carter may have dated both Serena and Blair in Gossip Girl, but in real life, Stan only had eyes for his co-star Leighton Meester. The couple reportedly started dating in 2008 after meeting on set of the NYC-based series, and were together for two years before Meester called off the relationship.

Dianna Agron (2011)

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Not too long after his split with Meester, Stan turned his attention to another TV actress, Glee's Dianna Agron. Agron and Stan began seeing one another in May of 2011, but split up in December of that same year, reportedly because their long distance romance became too challenging.

Jennifer Morrison (2012-2013)

John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It looks like Stan had his very own fairytale romance with his Once Upon A Time co-star. The couple began dating in the summer of 2012, but split almost one year later. Luckily. it doesn't seem like we'll be seeing the Mad Hatter return to Storybrooke anytime soon, so no on-set awkwardness for these two.

Margarita Levieva (2014-Present)

It looks like Stan has found romantic bliss with this former Revenge star. Stan and Levieva met in 2009 while co-starring in the film Spread, but didn't start dating until 2014. The actors were recently spotted canoodling in New York City. Aww!

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