Bruce Jenner Wasn't at Kim Kardashiain & Kanye West's Engagement... Or Was He?

By now, we all know that Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian at the San Francisco Giant's baseball stadium and there was an orchestra and fireworks and cameras and a ring the size a slice of pizza. We also know from Kimye's engagement video that the couple was surrounded by friends and family, and E! employees, of course. But believe it or not, there was something missing. According to TMZ, Bruce Jenner wasn't invited to watch Kanye's surprise.

Bruce wasn't so thrilled when Kim got with Kanye so soon after breaking up with Kris Humphries, and sources say that the Brucer and the Yeezus have never actually had a "real conversation." While I'm not sure what "real" even means when applied to the Kardashian family, I still think we can safely assume that this doesn't bode well for a strong step-father, son-in-law bond.

It's also unclear why, exactly, Bruce wasn't invited to the extravaganza. Between the fact that he and Kris Jenner have separated and that he and Kanye aren't on the best of terms, there are some understandable reasons as to why the patriarch wasn't in attendance.

Plus, it's Bruce. He's never seemed that comfortable around pomp and circumstance. He's easily the most down-to-earth member of the family and we've seen him retreat farther and farther from the spotlight, culminating in a move to Malibu and a separation from his wife.

TMZ went on to say, though, that Bruce was Kim's first call after the proposal, which is weird, because I would've expected either Ryan Seacrest, aka her wedding planner, to be the first person she reached out to, but it's nice to hear that Bruce is still getting some love.

But since he wasn't at the party, do you think he was somewhere with Lamar Odom high-fiving the fact that they've been released from their Kardashian contracts?

On the other hand, maybe Bruce was at the engagement event, it's just, no one noticed him. Perhaps that lovely older woman in the corner wasn't really Aunt Ruth, but Bruce, in a dress. He could have Mrs. Doubtfired the shit out of the Kimye proposal, and no one would've noticed. And hey, since he's allegedly "transitioning" "into" a "woman," it's possible that Bruce, I mean Aunt Ruth, was there to witness Kim's big moment.

Here's hoping, anyway.