Tyra Banks Explains Why She Went Pixie

Shorter is definitely becoming a beauty trend in Hollywood. While some celebrities, like Rosie Huntington-Whitely, opt for a bob haircut, Tyra Banks debuted a pixie cut. But she didn't get it to follow any fashion or beauty trends—Tyra Banks cut her hair to change her brand, according to PEOPLE.

Tyra Banks has had a very successful career and a very clear brand message as a celebrity. As a super model, Banks has changed her look more times than we can count but she has never cut her hair as short as a pixie before. Here's why: “I had long, golden hair as a high-fashion model, and a Victoria’s Secret model and a Sports Illustrated model, and that’s how people know me. But great brands tweak their logos and change up their formula, and I said it’s time for me to do that,” Banks explained. Even though it's drastically shorter than ever before, the America's Next Top Model host is loving her new look (we love it, too!).

Apparently, Tyra Banks' mother, Carolyn, has been nagging the businesswoman to cut her hair to show off her neck. And not that Tyra didn't look gorgeous with long hair, but this shorter 'do definitely shows off more of her beautiful face and skin!

So what does this mean for the new brand of Tyra Banks? Banks spoke about how her new 'do has forced her to focus on her posture. She has also switched up her style, choosing more structured pieces with angles. Banks used the words "futuristic businesswoman" to describe where her look is headed post-pixie. Personally, I think she is just embracing where she has been heading all along.

Image: Tyra Banks/Facebook