Tyra Banks Doesn't Look Like This Anymore...

by Jessica Willingham

"Look, ma, no hair!"

At least, that's what one supermodel is saying. Tyra Banks got a pixie cut, proving that the lob/bob is so last week. Her signature long tresses bypassed the bob stage and went straight into a killer pixie cut earlier today, according to her Twitter account. America's Next Top Model host has a long history of changing styles, from choppy bangs to long, brunette tresses. However, we can't remember a cut of hers quite like this, proving the pixie cut is on the rise.

Lately, stars like Lena Dunham, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, and Vanessa Hudgens have been chopping their hair off like it's on fire. With summer just around the corner, it makes sense to go for a more breezy, effortless look that is still feminine and totally on-trend. Tyra agrees.

Oh, and in case you were curious — I did some digging on the last lob/bob Tyra rocked, and now I bring to you my findings: the Sports Illustrated 1998 promo video shoot. Clearly, she's been there and done that bob thing. But this pixie cut is such a fabulous new look on her. Dare I call it her best look yet?

Being the supermodel and icon that she is, she is always asking ANTM contestants to buck up and embrace change. We are so glad she followed her own advice.

Are you ready to rock the pixie? Find out here.