What Did Amber Rose With Long Hair Look Like?

From her buzz cut to her recent color change to bright blue, Amber Rose’s hair game is super on point. Always. But can we take a little #ThrowbackThursday moment and remember those times when Miss Amber Rose had long hair? We’re so used to seeing her with her short, clean cuts that we don't even remember if she ever rocked any other look. But after you see these throwback pictures of her long tresses, falling all the way down her back, you might consider changing your hair goals from short bob to long locks.

Rose has been going against societal norms for a while now, from posing public professions of love for Wiz Khalifa to chilling topless on a beach. It comes as no surprise then that when it comes to her hair, her outlook is no different! (You go, girl.) I absolutely love how Rose goes against the grain with her hair and fashion game. While everyone is either rocking a lob, bob, or a pastel color job, Rose rocks whatever she feels, and looks super confident while doing it.

But even when she wasn’t going against hair norms, Rose still made her long hair her own. She looked amazing when she went blonde, brunette, and rocked different lengths, from butt-grazing to shoulder-length. If you’re looking for some awesome hair inspiration, or just want to see (or remember) what Amber Rose looked like with long hair, check out her past hairstyles below:

1. Amber was rocking ombré before it was a thing.

2. That Erykah Badu hair, though.

3. Why just get beachy waves when you can rock full-on curls?

4. Even though it's a wig, the super straight hair looks slick on her.

5. Her blonde hair color + a medium cut + bangs = too cute to handle!

Images: BritGirlChloe/Twitter; baddestclothes/Twitter; EbkQuest_1314/Twitter; JordanLanier1/Twitter; Metro_Ents/Twitter