Amber Rose's Hair Looks Completely Different Now

Amber Rose is kind of the queen of doing her own thing and not caring what anyone thinks, so the fact that Amber Rose dyed her hair bright blue out of no where? Not exactly shocking — even if the color is pretty eye-popping. Rose has been sporting a bleach blonde buzz cut for a while now, and usually lets her wardrobe (or lack their of) speak for itself. The rest of us might not ever dare to slip into her revealing ensembles, but it works well for Rose. She does what she wants, wears what she wants and ignores what everyone else says about it all. Hey, you can't really argue with that awesome mindset.

Rose debuted the new hair at her Penthouse Nightclub appearance on Easter (a nightclub on Easter? Why not?), and the new shade perfectly matched her nail color. Talk about planning a look out to the very last detail. Rose paired the hair and nails with a bright white jumpsuit with side cut-outs. Like I said, the woman likes a LOOK — and she can pull it off too. Who knows how long the blue hair will stick around, but it certainly seems to be a trend (you've seen Hilary Duff's new hair by now, I'm sure) so who says she won't rock it for a week or two more?

Aaaand the matching nails...