10 Classic Riding Boots for Sophisticated Equestrians

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The hunt continues for that perfectly curated wardrobe of staples. We rounded up the most gloriously simple white t-shirts and the most party-perfect little black dresses. But it's getting chilly outside, so let's turn our attention to something a little more seasonal: the boot.

Every woman should have a riding boot. Ankle boots, platform boots, combat boots, and rain boots are all great, too, but there's something endlessly classy about a sleek leather knee-length boot with a flat sole. Riding boots originated, as the name implies, from horse riding: they protected the rider's legs, and the stacked heel kept the rider's foot from slipping from the stirrup. Maybe their sophistication stems from the fact that they conjure up images of English countryside mansions with stables in the back.

These 10 amazing boots don't shy very far from their equestrian roots (no thick rubber soles here), though you will find a number of polite variations on the original. Variety is the spice of a refined life, after all.

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