Jefferson From 'Once Upon A Time' Gets A Much Needed Backstory In New Graphic Novel 'Out Of The Past'

One character on who has totally fallen by the wayside on Once Upon A Time is Jefferson. Remember him? When was the last time we even saw him on the show? I can tell you, actually — it was Season 2, Episode 5, "The Doctor," not that I'm keeping track. It was the episode all about Dr. Whale, which is another character who has completely gone MIA, but this is a discussion for another day. What we're really here to talk about is Jefferson, who's back to the world of Once Upon A Time. However, he's not back on the show, at least not yet. Instead, he appears in Once Upon A Time: Out of the Past , the graphic novel tie-in with the show. But hey, I'll take whatever kind of Jefferson story I can get.

On the show, we know that Jefferson is the Storybrooke counterpart of the Mad Hatter, and to be honest, it's been so long since we've seen him that I can't even tell you off the top of my head which realm he's in. So clearly, we're in need of a huge Jefferson fix. Even though the graphic novel doesn't give us IRL Sebastian Stan, at last we've got his illustrated likeness.

The stories of Out of the Past focus on what happened before we meet our characters in Storybrooke. From the show, we that Jefferson has a daughter named Grace. But aside from that little tidbit, we don't know a whole lot about Grace, let alone her mother. Now, with Out of the Past's story "Tea Party In March," we've got a few answers to some of our biggest Jefferson questions. Namely, whatever happened to his wife?

In the the story, we meet Jefferson while he's in Camelot and trying to steal something (we don't learn what until later). As soon as he's into the treasure room in the castle, he's met by a woman who introduces herself as someone from the King's Honor Guard. But it turns out, she's a thief, too. She and Jefferson end up working together to escape the King's real Honor Guards, and they escape through a portal via Jefferson's hat.

The woman's name is Priscilla, and wouldn't you know, she and Jefferson fall madly in love. Using Jefferson's hat, they travel to the Enchanted Forest where they have a baby girl, Grace. Jefferson and Priscilla are now retired thieves, and are settling in to live out the rest of their days together as a family.

That is, until Jefferson gets word that what he was searching for all those years ago — The Clock of Evermore — has turned up in Wonderland. Priscilla doesn't want him to go; Jefferson goes anyway. As you can probably guess, things go wrong in Wonderland.

I don't want to spoil the whole story for you, because it's definitely something you should check out. If you've ever wanted a little bit more backstory on Jefferson — something that OUAT probably isn't going to give us anytime soon — this is the perfect way to get it. It sheds a lot of light on not only who he is as a character, but also why he's so determined to keep Grace safe.

Now let's just hope that this short graphic story drums up enough talk to bring Jefferson back to Storybrooke.

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