"The Peddler" Is The Author On 'Once Upon A Time' & There's Definitely More To His Story

After months of speculation, the return of three major villains, and Rumple's descent into darkness, Once Upon a Time finally revealed The Author during Sunday night's episode, "Best Laid Plans." And he's nothing like we expected — The Peddler is The Author on Once Upon a Time , which is mostly interesting because we only met him for the first time during Sunday night's episode. Here's the deal, August revealed The Author's identity and Emma set him free, which is huge in its own right. But Sunday's reveal also left the possibility open that Henry will become The Author because, according to August, this is just a job and not an identity. If that's the case, however, why did The Peddler run away from Emma's questions?

First of all, can I just say that I'm so happy that August finally told us what we needed to know and I'm so grateful that, between Henry and Emma, The Author finally roams free and full of answers in Storybrooke. Sure, he's in serious danger (considering he's been drinking) and could possibly be a minor villain, but I'm still extremely satisfied that OUAT finally somewhat solved this mystery. But what's next? August finally revealed details behind the imprisonment of The Author during Sunday night's episode and it sounds like this guy took a lot of creative liberties with his job.

Essentially, The Author was intended to only record the happenings in the magical world, but decided to play puppet master a little bit with the subjects he wrote about. And, the Sorcerer and his apprentice decided that that just wasn't going to fly — so they trapped him. Now, we should have a lot of questions about this — the first of which being why did The Author decide that people should have the endings they got? What really gave him the right to decide and how strict, exactly, were the rules against his interference? Can he be blamed for Snow and Charming doing what they did with Maleficent's baby?

The Peddler/Author has something to hide — why else would he have run away? Unless he's been able to listen all along to everything that's been happening around the storybook, including the villains' quest for happy endings. OUAT has a lot of explaining left to do with this storyline especially now that they've dragged the king of fairytales himself, Walt Disney, into the mix.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC