Kylie Jenner's Hair Is Back To Blue

Just when you thought she was slowly morphing into a mini Kim Kardashian, the littlest Kardashian-Jenner sister went back to her (blue) roots to prove that she's got her own individual style. Kylie Jenner debuted aqua blue hair on her social media accounts earlier today, and it's the boldest color we've seen her sport yet.

Jenner first showed off her exciting new look on Snapchat, giving fans a glimpse of her super bright-colored locks. Although it's a similar hue to her last blue-green 'do, it's much more daring, covering her entire head from the roots to the tips. And instead of having teal undertones, Jenner's new look is as bright blue as blue can be.

Now, we're not one hundred percent sure it's her actual hair. After closer inspection, it looks like Jenner is sporting a wig. She hasn't come out to confirm whether or not its real, but either way, it looks like the aqua blue 'do is here to stay, at least for the weekend. My guess? Jenner went bright blue for Coachella. The caption that accompanied her Instagram photo reads, "the road trip begins," which makes me think she's headed out to the desert festival. What better way to stand out among the masses of flower crown-wearing festival-goers than with neon blue locks? Good move, Kylie.

I have to wonder whether or not the Internet's latest fixation over Hilary Duff's mermaid blue hair was the impetus behind Jenner wanting to go back to her now famous blue locks. Either way, it seems like her fans are glad she did it. The comments on her Instagram photo are teeming with heart-eyed emojis. And even though I think Jenner looked absolutely gorgeous with her long, Kim-esque black tresses, I prefer when she mixes things up with bold color choices like the true fashion-forward trendsetter she is.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram; Snapchat