Addicted To Technology? 15 Women Reveal How They Unplug And Relax


Trying to steal a moment away and unplug from social media, the web, and all the other digital temptations that surround us can be extremely difficult. Between our addictions to Twitter and Instagram, our fixation on updating Facebook, and our inability to part with our smartphones, taking a break can require some hardcore discipline. But no matter how hard it may seem to cut ourselves off from the constant flow of updates, information and entertainment, it's worth learning how to put the brakes on your addiction to technology — both for your sanity and your health.

The benefits of unplugging from our smartphones range far beyond just making us more engaged and charming dinner companions. Studies have found that using social media can cause anxiety and contribute to lower self-esteem; computers can impact our sleep patterns if we use them late at night; and of course, sitting at your computer isn't keeping you physically fit (except for your fingers, of course).

Bustle asked 15 of our readers to tell us how they "unplug" from the internet and social media after a long day. Of course, everyone defines unplugging differently, as you'll see below — for some, it means using no electronics at all; for others, it involves jumping off social media and doing a deep dive into Netflix. But for our purposes, we're defining "unplugging" as getting off the web and social media. Because really, if you're not staring at your phone, updating your Facebook status or scouring the Internet for more useless information, I think it's safe to say that you're definitely more unplugged than 90% of the population.

1. Leah, 25

2. Colleen, 30

3. Hayli, 21

4. Kathy, 35

5. Gabrielle, 32

6. Becky, 29

7. Heather, 36

8. Amber, 25

9. Nicole, 33

10. Jen, 35

11. Ali, 23

12. Maddie, 31

13. Mieko, 35

14. Natalie, 24

15. Rachel, 30

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