Will 'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles' Season 2 Happen? The Limited Series Might Stay That Way

Lifetime has only given us one episode of The Lizzie Borden Chronicles so far, but I'm already hooked. OK, so it's not exactly a prestigious drama, but you can't deny that the campy series is fun to watch. Christina Ricci is in her element as Lizzie, the unassuming yet calculating axe murderer, and who doesn't love unsubtly fake gore? So far, the series is off to a great start, but unfortunately, it's only running for eight episodes. Is there hope that The Lizzie Borden Chronicles will get a Season 2? I'm already dreading when we reach the end.

At this point, I'd say the chances of more Lizzie Borden Chronicles are low, which is a bummer. Lifetime has always referred to it as a "limited series," which means that from its inception, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles was only meant to be a miniseries that piggybacked on the original movie, Lizzie Borden Took an Axe. I'd expect that eighth episode in the series to have a note of finality to it, save possibly a small cliffhanger to keep us guessing. I'm assuming there will be some kind of conclusion, whether it's historically how Lizzie really met her end (pneumonia) or not.

As far as ratings go, we only have the premiere episode to judge from, which brought in a little over 1 million viewers. The fact that it aired on Easter Sunday could have affected those numbers, so I'm hoping the ratings pick up with this week's new episode.

There is a glimmer of hope, though. The Lizzie Borden Chronicles was initially given a six-episode order, but Lifetime raised it to eight later on. Obviously, the network believes in the series. And the fans are definitely there, especially since, after the airing of the first episode, the real Lizzie Borden's grave was vandalized this week. There's enough interest in the show that someone felt compelled to go decorate her final resting place with spray paint.

My fingers are crossed, hoping that The Lizzie Borden Chronicles becomes more than a limited series, but just in case that doesn't happen? We still have six more episodes to look forward to.

Image: Marvin Moore/Lifetime