Emma Roberts on 'American Horror Story: Coven' Is a Treasure — Bring Her Back, Please

For those who've not yet seen Wednesday's episode of American Horror Story: Coven , beware, spoilers abound in these parts. In episode three of AHS, Jessica Lange's Fiona spins into a jealous rage over Madison's (Emma Roberts) power and kills her. By episode's end, Dennis O'Hare and his constant silence are alone with Madison, her bloody neck, and the rug she died on. This will not stand, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. We'd only just begun to love Roberts and her wicked, though inadvertent torture of Fiona. We need her to spring back to life. Now.

As it turns out, we just might be in luck. In the preview reel for episode four (video below), a fiery discussion about Fiona killing Madison to remain the Supreme rattles on while a glimpse of a tiny lady's hand shooting up from a freshly patched-up hole in the ground. With only one character dead (that we know of — Queenie could be in some serious trouble with that Minotaur), there are only so many folks that clearly important hand can belong too. And with the outrage at Roberts' fantastic character biting the dust this early in the season, a strong combination of hope and TV sleuthing leads us to believe that the actress will be back.

Of course, if you caught Murphy's interview with EW, you know that Madison is certainly dead and gone — but that doesn't mean the actress who plays her won't appear in some other form. (Hello, that's the basis of Evan Peters' entire franken-character.) Speaking to EW as well, Roberts teased her fate on AHS, saying, "That’s the big joke on the show when we get the scripts — nobody dies on American Horror Story." And so far, that's proved to be true.

Misty Day (Lily Rabe) regenerated after being burned at the stake; Madame LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) never perished in her underground prison; Marie Lavaeu's (Angela Bassett) voodoo has kept in her perfect physical condition; and Kyle (Peters) is alive enough to kill his mother after Madison killed him and his frat brothers. So far, Roberts is right. No one stays dead on AHS.

But while we've got the evidence of Roberts' hand protruding from the dirt (come on, who else could that belong to?) and her assertion that no one ever really dies on this show, it looks like Madison (and thus the new Supreme) is dead, but like Kyle, her body might still have a role on the show. And as much as keeping Madison around would have been fun — after all, the role might be the most tailor made fit for Roberts that we've ever seen — as long as the actress continues on we'll be satisfied.

Besides, if Murphy doesn't see any more use in the spoiled movie star character, that only means he's got something much more wicked and exciting to deliver in the coming episodes. After an episode that featured murder, incest, bestiality, and blood-drenched fertility rituals, it's not exactly the right moment to slow things down.

And if I'm wrong about Roberts' return, I'll be hosting a pity party on Twitter for those of us who just can't handle the truth.


Image: FX (2)