How Not To Be The Worst At Coachella

Well, after a long, cold, dreary winter, it looks like music festival season is finally upon us: The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival kicks off today in Indio, California, bringing music fans and music makers together for two weekends' worth of amazing art. But before you go totally nuts, let's take a moment to teach ourselves how not to be the worst person at Coachella, shall we? Fast Company thoughtfully put together an extremely useful video for this very purpose, and to be honest, it should probably be required viewing for anyone who's planning on attending a music festival this summer — or during any and all future summers, for that matter.

Hosted by Fast Company assistant editor KC Ifeanyi, it walks us through a few essential dos and don'ts so we don't become “THAT Person” at Coachella — y'know, the one everyone wants to punch in the face. Did you know that there are actually some important etiquette rules surrounding things like flower crowns and celebrity sightings? OK, sure, technically they're not “official” rules; but it doesn't cost you anything to be courteous, so I highly suggest following them. Just sayin'.

Here are a few highlights; scroll down to watch the full video:

DO: Keep the Flower Crown Activity to a Minimum

Or perhaps more accurately, don't shove your flower crown in everyone's faces, either literally or figuratively. Yes, it's pretty, and yes, it's awesome that you made it — but just let it speak for itself.

DON'T: Perform Any Acts of Cultural Appropriation

SERIOUSLY. DO NOT DO THIS. As Ifeanyi puts it, “Unless you are a revered Native American elder, you have no business wearing a headdress.” Spot on.

DON'T: Record Sets on Your Phone

First off, you're never going to rewatch that video due to its shakiness and low audio quality; second, you're blocking everyone else's view by holding your phone up like that; and third? You're missing the concert because you're too busy viewing it through a tiny little screen! Enjoy it while it's happening instead.

DO: Keep Your Cool If You See a Celebrity

I know it's tempting, but don't flip out. Enjoy listening to the music — and allow everyone else to enjoy listening to the music, too, whether it's the celeb in question or your fellow festival-goers.

Watch the full video below:

Images: Fast Company (4)