Will Adele Die On 'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles'? Lizzie May Have Turned On Her New Friend


As you watch The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, it's important to remember that the new Lifetime miniseries is not based on the real Lizzie Borden's life. This Lizzie Borden is pretty different from her real life counterpart, and not just because she lives her life much more loudly than the real Borden did. In the miniseries, Lizzie is painted as a psychopathic axe murderer who basically kills for sport, and Christina Ricci turns her into such a delight that I almost want to cheer every time she gets rid of someone who's in her way... except where her latest possible victim is concerned. The second episode of The Lizzie Borden Chronicles left Lizzie's new friend Adele buried alive, and then the credits rolled. So what now?

In the episode "Patron of the Arts," Lizzie meets Adele, a sex worker who's being abused by a client. Lizzie rescues her and takes her under her wing, even letting Adele stay in her house, much to her sister Emma's dismay. In one scene, Lizzie and Adele even kiss, and their close relationship makes it seem like Adele is here to stay. Then a pushy playwright forces his way into Lizzie's house and tries to rape Adele, who gets him right in the gut with a pitchfork. Panicking, she wakes Lizzie up for help... only to watch her finish the job. The playwright is dead, and Adele is understandably inconsolable.

This murder is definitely one I can forgive. Of course, Lizzie didn't have to kill him — he probably would've died on his own because that whole pitchfork thing was pretty gruesome, but she was protecting her friend. However, at the end of the episode, we see that Adele is trapped in a box and probably buried alive. I'm guessing this is because Lizzie was worried that Adele would blab about the killing and she didn't have the heart to actually kill her new friend. Still, it's completely terrifying.

So what happens next? Will Adele die there, or will her screaming be heard by somebody? The actress who plays her, Kimberly-Sue Murray, is listed as appearing in the next episode, but that doesn't necessarily mean she survives. I hope that she does though, because seriously, she's been through enough already.

If Lizzie does win this round, though, I'm OK with it. She might be a cold-blooded killer, but at least she's proving that women can make for utterly terrifying villains too.

Image: Michael Tomkins/Lifetime