15 'Game of Thrones'-Inspired Prom Dresses That Look Magical (Not Costumey)

Two seasons are suddenly upon us: the fifth season of Game of Thrones and the quickly approaching prom season. For fans of the show (and of course its elaborate costumes) who are looking for a prom dress, it only makes sense to combine the two.

Of course, it's not Halloween, so it's best to beware of the thin line between inspiration and costume (although if you do want an exact replica of a Daenerys dress, that's easy enough to find on Etsy). It's also a lot more fun to blend the inspiration from your favorite dress on the show with a modern design. You will look completely unique at your prom. But where to find such a dress? No worries; I did all the work for you.

Of course, every woman in Game of Thrones has her own unique style that is a product of her home's climate, her social standing, and her personality. Whether you feel most inspired by the blood-red gowns of Cersei Lannister, the flowing, bohemian style of Daenerys Targaryen, or the pretty dresses in shades of pale blue and purple that Sansa Stark and Margarey Tyrell favor, there's a Game of Thrones style prom dress here for you.

Fit For A Princess

Weddings Custom Style Dress, $1,300, Etsy

A great place to look for unique prom dresses is Etsy. This handmade dress looks like something Sansa Stark or Margaery Tyrell would wear, since both tend to favor pale blue.

Emerald Green

Elika In Love Emerald Green Silk Dress, $1,380, Etsy

This is another Etsy find that would look at home on Margaery Tyrell or a powerful woman like Melisandre.

Dothraki Glam

Chouchanyc Metallic Cocktail Dress, $1,145, Etsy

The metallic and earth tones of this dress are very similar to what the women of Dothraki wear, except it’s much more glamorous.

Sansa Goes Goth

Free People Limited Edition Britt’s Dress, $600, Free People

Remember that awesome black dress Sansa wore in season 4? This dress has the same vibe.

King's Landing Style

Marchesa Notte Dipped in Gold Gown, $215, Rent The Runway

Rent the Runway is another great place to look for elegant prom dresses; plus you save money by renting designer dresses instead of buying them. This golden gown with its delicate sleeve detailing would be right at home at King’s Landing.

Pentos Style

Marchesa Notte Luisa Gown, $239, Rent The Runway

Marchesa can always be trusted for Game of Thrones-style dresses. If the previous Marchesa gown belonged to Westeros, this form-fitting dress belongs in the warmer climate of Pentos.

Qarth Style

Badgley Mischka Mint Dream Gown, $50-$85, Rent The Runway

This dress is very close to the blue one that Daenerys wore in season 2 in Qarth, right down to the gold detailing on the sleeve. All it needs is an elaborate gold belt.

Summer is Coming

Savan Jacquard Gown, $378, Anthropologie

A younger version of Sansa might have worn a dress like this if she hadn’t been brought up in the frigid North.

Minimalist 'Game of Thrones'

Long Dress with Applique Neckline, $80, Zara

Daenerys wears a lot of flowing blue dresses; this simple one from Zara stands out with its delicate silver detailing at the neck.

Armor Embellishment

Virgos Lounge Ursula Embellished Midi Dress, $150, Asos

Margaery loves wearing embellished dresses that show off her cleavage, so she would absolutely wear this dress if she was a girl going to her prom in 2015. Plus, the silver detailing on the strong shoulders is reminiscent of armor.

More Dothraki Style

Chain Necklace Maxi, $42, Asos

This dress is also right up Daenerys’ alley, thanks to its flowing shape and the halter detail.

The Crowd Pleaser

Needle & Thread Embellished Aura Maxi Dress, $88, Asos

Here’s a dress that modern-day Margarey, Daenerys, and Sansa would all fight over (while tomboy Arya stands in the corner shaking her head).

Easy to DIY

Michael Lauren Pedro Halter Maxi Dress, $99, Revolve Clothing

This dress is similar to the white halter dress that Daenerys wore in season 3. Simply add a metallic sash or belt around the middle to make this one even closer to hers.

Cersei Style

J. Mendel Lace-Top Off-Shoulder Gown, $2,600, Neiman Marcus

Finally, I certainly didn’t forget about Cersei Lannister. This dress is pricey but fit for a queen, and features the dark blood shade that she favors. Wear it with a cape for an extra royalty vibe.

Another Blood Red Option

This last dress would also be perfect for Cersei — or for Melisandre, who wore red as well. And since it’s from Rent the Runway, it’s a great affordable option despite being Marchesa.

Marchesa Notte Kingsley Gown, $349, Rent The Runaway