Hillary Clinton's Greatest Tweets Of All Time

Since she first created a Twitter account back in June 2013, Hillary Clinton has been tweeting up a storm. Her tweets have even made headlines, especially the ones that contain a burn to the GOP or the Senate, or the GOP in the Senate. She's one of the few talented minds who can put together a carefully crafted, classy, and succinct criticism in one — or two — 140-character tweets. Her use of abbreviations is always on point, and she knows how to make the most of a Twitpic, even if we kind of wish she'd get an Instagram already.

Over the last two years, Clinton has been building a public persona on Twitter that makes not only her ideas more accessible, but her personality. Young people, who could be first-time voters, can connect with a candidate who's hip to the groove. So while she has been making the most of the opportunity to build a consistent and carefully curated online presence, Clinton, like the best of us, has a selection of tweets that go above and beyond the rest of them. Here's a look at 15 of the highlights from Clinton's Twitter feed to get you caught up to speed on the candidate's political life, personal life, and everything in between — including a wicked sense of humor.

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12. Being A Proud Grandmother

She and Bill are just beaming at their brand new granddaughter, Charlotte, no doubt thinking about plans for her own world conquest.

11. Keeping An Eye On Bill

This is a personal favorite because it's a double Clinton whammy. Look at this savvy White House couple trading married jabs on Twitter about what a powerhouse Hillary is. It's downright empowering.

10. Supporting Pussy Riot

An important aspect of Clinton's tweeting is that she never misuses hashtags, and she never tries to make a hashtag out of something that just doesn't work. She never makes the mistake of trying to put an apostrophe in a hashtag, and she never fails to differentiate words with capital letters. Here, she doesn't just share a great smizing photo with the women of Pussy Riot — she also keeps her Twitter etiquette in check and makes a political statement about Russia.

9. Throwing It Back

Another stellar use of the Twitpic, showing that Clinton has been rocking the power suit since forever.

8. #AskHillary

This is, quite simply, giving the people what they want.

7. Her Inaugural Tweet

Calling out the creators of the viral phenomenon Texts From Hillary — which imagined what Hillary might be writing on her iPhone in one photo of her staring intently at her phone from behind sunglasses — Clinton takes her online presence into her own hands. And she does it with a sharp wit, to boot.

6. Chiming In Re: The #RoyalWedding

William and Kate could use some advice from the woman who knows best about marriages in the political spotlight. Bonus: Clinton includes a little joke about them being royals. Oh, you.

5. Palling Around With M-Albright

Get a load of the abbreviations in this tweet: "bio" and "AM" in the same sentence. Clinton's really getting a hang of things, and she's finally taking ownership in her status as an official Tweeter by welcoming Albright in.

4. Making Headlines

This set of tweets is probably Clinton's most controversial to date. She doesn't waste any characters getting right to the point, and the point is an important one: when Republicans in the Senate delayed Loretta Lynch's nomination for Attorney General, it was clearly a ploy to manipulate lawmakers, and Hillary wasn't having any of it.

3. Joking With Katy Perry

This has to be one of the absolute best of the best #TweetsFromHillary. Look no further for Clinton's official campaign song, or for excellent pun execution.

2. Slamming Fox News

This is such a killer sting that it gives me the chills just reading it. There's something about the phrase "blitzed & sacked" that really packs quite a punch.

1. Stating The Facts

Hit 'em where it hurts, Hillary.

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