You'll Never Guess Why He Shaved Half Of His Beard

by Marc Cuenco

To beard or not to beard? A Brazilian artist found a solution to that conundrum: Adriano Alarcon shaved half his beard off and decorated it with various inanimate objects. He shared his delightfully wacky photos on Tumblr for the art project "Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop," and the results are amazing.

Alarcon, who is also an award-winning art director and photographer, spent four months growing out his beard to hipster length and then completely shaved off half of his face to use as a blank canvas. The artist then filled up the space sans facial hair by gluing on a variety of found objects. Some items that he stuck on his face were edible, including movie theater popcorn and chocolate sprinkles. Alarcon also used plastic soldiers, colorful pencil shavings, and even plastic insects to create mini-narratives that range from quirky to creepy. According to the artist, the project stemmed from simply wanting to start a conversation about a couple of topics prevalent in our culture today.

"[It's] just a fun way to talk about two recurrent issues: selfies and beards," he said. Hey, at least it's not one of those man buns. Check out more of Alarcon's "Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop" project below and on his Tumblr page.

Extra butter, please

Beard-rassic Park

The shave of it all


Papa Roach

Images: Selfiebarbershop/Tumblr (6)