17 Actors Who Almost Starred In 'America Psycho' — Because Christian Bale Wasn't Always A Shoo-In For Patrick Bateman

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The journey of getting Bret Easton Ellis's novel American Psycho to the screen was almost as harrowing as the tale of Patrick Bateman. OK, it wasn't as extreme as the yuppie '80s Wall Street serial killer taking New York City by ax and chainsaw, but many famous actors were almost in American Psycho. Now 15 years after it was released, American Psycho is a cult classic film that stars the incomparable Christian Bale as Bateman. After rewatching the film for its 15-year anniversary, I can confirm with 100 percent certainty that Bale was perfect as the suave, toned, tanned, and insane Bateman.

The road to get American Psycho to the screen was bumpy. Director Mary Harron wanted Bale as Bateman, but the studio behind the film, Lions Gate, wanted Leonardo DiCaprio for the part. Harron refused to meet with DiCaprio and because of the dispute, other big-name (male) directors were considered. The likes of Jonathan Demme, Stanley Kubrick, Danny Boyle, and Martin Scorsese were all discussed, but eventually DiCaprio dropped out and Harron and Bale were brought back in. The rest is psychotic history.

Many actors were looked at for Bateman (before and after Bale and DiCaprio), but other characters weren't safe from recasting either. So here are all of the people who were close to being in American Psycho — from early rumored contenders to the stars who were almost cast. (Even though fans of the film can agree the finished product's cast is pretty flawless.)

Image: Lions Gate Films

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