Who Online Shops More: Men Or Women?

The next time anyone tells you anything along the lines of, “women shop way too much and for far too long,” feel free to tell them that they’re wrong. According to a recent survey that Bronto Software conducted, the results have shown that men shop online more than women. Specifically, they are almost twice as likely to shop online throughout the week than women are. Attention all dads, boyfriends, and husbands who have complained about women shopping too much—the tables have turned.

The survey was conducted based on 1,000 consumers and the results revealed that 30% of men shop online at least once throughout the week versus only 18% of women who claim to do so. I’ll admit that there are many dependent factors that could’ve swayed the survey such as the specifications of how the act of online shopping is defined. Like, is glancing through the sale section really quick considered online shopping? Or would that be browsing? Also, does online shopping equate to purchasing things online?

Jm Davidson, who headed the research, told Forbes, “men consider any pre-sale browsing or comparison shopping to fall under the category of active online shopping while women don’t necessarily view it in the same way.” Alright, maybe women do shop a lot, but I think this survey did a good job in bringing attention to the fact that men do shop around online, too. Image: Giphy