The Best Celeb Outfits From Coachella So Far

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the start of Coachella, hoping to live vicariously through the social media accounts of the people in attendance, and so far I have not been disappointed. I’m there in spirit thanks to the pictures of the celebrity Coachella outfits already pouring in through Twitter and Instagram. It’s only the start of the festival, and the style is already everything I hoped it would be — and more.

Flower crowns? Check. Bare mid-drifts? Check. Fringe? Check. Fedoras? Check. White lace? Check. Yep, looks like the gang’s all here! Top things off with great boots and some super cool sunnies, and you have a complete festival ensemble on par with some of the greatest looks by Hollywood's most stylish. Stars like Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin (just to name a few) followed that check list to a T and the results are fab.

Check out some celeb looks from the first two days of the event, and maybe you'll begin to understand what I mean about these outfits being totally perfect. And be prepared: your festival envy is about to start now. Just a little warning. Now, you can see what I’ve been dealing with. Oh, how I wish I was at Coachella…

Sigh. These will have to do for now:


Of course, Beyoncé is perfection. Wearing a flowy, '70s-esque printed dress topped off with a fringe vest and a hat, she looks more than ready to celebrate music and is so on trend.

Julianne Hough

I love this patterned romper that Julianne Hough is wearing. It's a different take on the '70s trend, and it makes her stand out in a sea of boho babes.

Bella Thorne

If her flower crown doesn't just scream Coachella, then her bare mid-drift definitely does. Her outfit is very fitting for the blazing sun, and she's got those pink sunnies to protect her eyes.

Chiara Ferragni At Coachella

Wearing Converse, Ferragni definitely came prepared for a day on her feet. I really like how on trend her top is with the fringe and white lace, but overall, her look is very simple — she didn't try to hard.

Kendall, Kylie, and Hailey Baldwin At Coachella

These ladies all have different vibes going on, but all of their outfits are fit for the occasion. I really like Kendal's accessories and Kylie's blue statement hair (real or fake). I think Hailey Baldwin really nails festival fashion best with her bright top and high-waisted denim.

Paris And Nikki Hilton At Coachella

The sisters are white hot in these outfits. I like the flowy-ness of Paris' skirt and the cut-outs in Nikki's dress. These looks don't necessarily scream festival to me, but they are quite perfect for spring.

Gigi Hadid and Sarah Hyland At Coachella

These girls are desert-chic and I love it. The pop of turquoise in Gigi Hadid's belt adds interest to her outfit and Sarah Hyland is just perfection from head to toe (as always).