Is Kylie Jenner's Blue Hair A Wig?

by Hayli Goode

Kylie Jenner put the Internet on beauty investigation mode last night after she posted a selfie showing off majorly blue hair (and a fantastic blue nail color to match). But it's unclear if Kylie Jenner's blue hair is real or actually a wig she put on just to play with all of our minds. To make matters even more confusing, she not only posted the photo to Instagram, but also sent a Snapchat featuring the new hair.

Of course, Jenner has had tons of different hair colors over the past few years and has miraculously not met a color that doesn't agree with her (aside from pink and purple, of course). But her latest blue hair looks a little different than the rest of her dye jobs. It's much brighter and appears to cover her whole head instead of having an ombré effect or leaving exposed roots. The fact that she hasn't committed to anything quite so bright and dramatic makes me think it could be a wig and Jenner is just stirring up Internet drama. Also, we have yet to see a picture of the hair sans-baseball cap.

We've all seen the times Jenner has matched her lips to her hair, so maybe she's now trying to match her nails to her hair (seriously, those nails really can't be overlooked) without using harsh chemicals. Take a look at Jenner's previous hair colors compared to the color she showed on social media last night and decide for yourself if the new 'do is her being even more experimental with hair color or a classic prank (uh, April Fools Day was more than a week ago, Kylie).

Blue vs. Blue

Jenner went almost totally blue on the left but kept her roots black. The blue had more of an ombré effect, which is her signature. Now, Jenner seems to have completely stripped her hair of its darker color and gone for a very bright blue.

Red vs. Blue

It's not Jenner's first time experimenting with bright colors, so it wouldn't be terribly surprising for her to have gone with this aqua blue color. Yet, her hair appears to have a much stiffer quality than when she's previously gone for a dramatic change.

Blonde vs. Blue

ICYMI: Kylie went super blonde before Kim did. She just opted for a softer, ombre'd look. So she can commit to a bright color, but she's still not surrendering her roots.

Bright Blue v. Bright Blue

Kylie actually has committed fully to a bright blue color before, roots and all, but it was darker than the aqua shade she's teasing us with now. If she did commit, it looks great! But I'm not sure if she could return to her darker natural color easily.

I can't tell for sure whether this is a wig, but I sure wouldn't be surprised.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram; Snapchat