When Does Daredevil Become, Well, Daredevil?

While you marathon the latest offering from Netflix, you're probably going to spend a lot of time wondering when Daredevil is going to get his suit. And that's because Netflix's Daredevil and hero Matt Murdock take their sweet old time getting to it. For the majority of Season 1, Matt is traipsing around in all black (I'm just going to assume he's got an Under Armour addiction) with a scarf wrapped around his face a la The Princess Bride's Dread Pirate Roberts (comparison below, for your own enjoyment). But this is a Marvel show — we came here to see some ass-kicking and some, well, poly-whatever suits, right?

That being said, it might be something of a blessing that it takes the entire season to get Matt Murdock a super suit. The series seems to pride itself on being somewhat separate from The Avengers (as evidenced by a snarky line about how Matt has neither an "iron suit" or "a big hammer") and that Daredevil is this homegrown hero who's invested in saving his tiny little neighborhood in New York — don't even try counting the number of times these characters alert us to the fact that they're in Hell's Kitchen because you'll go nuts.

Luckily, by the time the suit does make its first appearance (in the final moments of Daredevil's Season 1 finale), we've grown accustomed to the cheesy Dread Pirate Roberts get-up as well as the red sunglasses that the costume department insisted on carrying over from the comics (just saying, some Ray Bans with red lenses wouldn't have been the worst creative decision — come at me, purists).

When Murdock starts running around the city in a mask with devil horns (even Foggy, man with the long flowing hair, knows this is "a bit much") we've been so starved for the costume that it's almost a relief. Here's the sneak peek from Netflix, if you just can't wait to marathon your way to the finale:

Plus, it gives us that epic shot of Daredevil looking over the city while we pull out our hair realizing that this is only the beginning, but we'll have to wait another year for Season 2. The struggle is real.

Images: Netflix; TriStar Pictures (Screengrab); Barry Wetcher/Netflix (2)