Hillary Clinton's 7 Best Interviews To Celebrate Her Official Presidency Campaign Announcement — VIDEOS

Today is a historic day, and for the best reason ever: Hillary Clinton announced she'll be campaigning for presidency in 2016, and things are about to change FOREVER. Whether she wins or loses (she totally needs to win), one thing is for sure: we need smart, savvy women like Clinton in politics. You don't have to agree with all of her policies and practices to appreciate how hard she works and how far she's come in what is still an extremely male-dominated sector. From First Lady to possible President of the United States, there's no doubt Hillary Clinton knows her stuff — and her best interviews prove it.

Over the years, Clinton has dealt with her fair share of controversy, she's still managed to come out the other side stronger than ever, with a thick skin and an incredible knowledge of politics and diplomacy largely unparalleled by her peers. Plus, to state the obvious, she's one of the very few women to ever run for presidency (before Clinton, there was Victoria Woodhull in 1872), so she's a major game-changing force in American politics.

Below are some of her best interviews from over the years and should hopefully help you learn a little bit more about Hillary Rodham Clinton on this momentous day.

20/20 (1996)

Caleb Rojas Castillo on YouTube

Back in 1996, President Bill Clinton was still in the White House and Clinton was under fire after a 1993 White House travel office controversy, and another controversy surrounding Whitewater. Clinton sat down with Barbara Walters in 1996 on 20/20, where she coolly and confidently confronted the controversy, and showed she's always been strong from day one.

Lead On Conference for Women (2015)

WeAreWatermark on YouTube

Since this interview is more recent, chances are Clinton was really amping up the charm with the knowledge she was planning a presidential bid. While this interview with Kara Swisher covers less hard-hitting topics, like whether she prefers iPhone or Android (she's an iPhone woman, for the record), it's nice to see a more chill Clinton and get a glimpse at the woman behind the businesswoman.

60 Minutes (2013)

KensaLive on YouTube

Back in 2013, Clinton — then serving as Secretary of State — sat down with Barack Obama for a joint interview on 60 Minutes in which she discussed her feelings on President Obama, her influence in the administration, and her accomplishments internationally. It's interesting to see how much her focus was changing at this point as she set her sights higher and really hit her political stride.

The Guardian (2014)

The Guardian on YouTube

In 2014, Hillary did a sit-down interview with The Guardian in which she took questions from viewers (including Sarah Silverman!) on topics such as ISIS, women's rights, and drone strikes.

CBC News (2014)

The National on YouTube

Reports were already circulating in early 2014 that Clinton was considering a presidential run, so it was an obvious question in every single interview she did. While in Canada, she stopped by CBC News — and though she refused to reveal her future political plans, she did talk about various issues.

CNN Town Hall (2014)

MiserablyGlorious on YouTube

CNN's 2014 Town Hall offered a lengthy interview with Clinton, in which she answered personal and pointed questions not only about her political career, but about major issues affecting the world today like poverty, war, and human rights. Whether or not you're considering voting for Clinton, it's worth a watch to see what she's really about.

Good Morning America (1998)

Caleb Rojas Castillo on YouTube

You can't go wrong with a bit of retro Clinton. This 1998 interview on Good Morning America was largely about Bill rather than Clinton herself, but I think it's fascinating to watch her in these relatively early days.