If 'Pitch Perfect 3' Happens, Will Anna Be Back?

ICYMI, life has brought us some fairly exciting news — or, at least, the prospect of fairly exciting news. According to reports based off of a tweet from LA Times reporter Amy Kaufman, Rebel Wilson said that a Pitch Perfect 3 film may already be in the works over at Universal, despite Pitch Perfect 2 not even hitting theaters yet. I told you, amazing! (Or, dare I say... aca-amazing?) As previously reported, the news is far from confirmed by the studio at this point, and it's worth taking it all with a grain of salt until there's further information. After all, there have been a few times that actors have spoken of a sequel happening only for nothing to actually happen for ages (Beetlejuice is a good example of this). However, that doesn't mean we shouldn't start wondering what a potential Pitch Perfect 3 could look like. The idea's in our heads, might as well run with it! Which leads me to a question I'm sure is on many fans' minds in light of these reports: Would Anna Kendrick return for Pitch Perfect 3 , if it actually ends up happening?

Of course, every character in the Pitch Perfect franchise is amazing, and any one of those talented ladies could surely carry the film if needed. However, one of the best parts of Pitch Perfect is the bond between the women — and that only works with all of them involved. A potentialPitch Perfect 3 would need Anna Kendrick for that!

That said, whether or not Kendrick would be involved in Pitch Perfect 3 is sadly just as unclear as details surrounding a possible Pitch Perfect 3 are. Though I find it difficult to believe Kendrick wouldn't return — she's often spoken fondly of the franchise, so she clearly loves it — until there's some actual info about the possible project, it seems unlikely that we'll know the answer for certain.

It's also worth noting that, since Pitch Perfect 2 hasn't yet hit theaters, we don't actually know anything about where Kendrick's character Beca is going to be by the film's end. While I can't imagine she'd be written out or anything like that, you never know — so until the film is actually released, questions like this are tough to answer.

So, until we know more about Pitch Perfect 3 happening, it's probably best to just wish for the best — and hope that this movie is for sure going to happen, because I don't know about you, but now that the idea is firmly in my head, I don't know how I'm going to be able to move forward with my life without it.

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