Is 'Pitch Perfect 3' Already In The Works?

There aren't many things I want in life. A roof over my head, an abundance of kale in my refrigerator, free Netflix for life, and — most of all — an endless amount of Pitch Perfect sequels. Thankfully, it looks like I might be one step closer to getting at least the latter: According to Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman, Rebel Wilson said Pitch Perfect 3 is in the works over at Universal, despite Pitch Perfect 2 not even being released yet.

Yep, you read that correctly: Another Pitch Perfect movie might really be happening, guys. IT MIGHT REALLY BE HAPPENING.

While I do honestly think this news seems fairly legit, I always find it best not to jump to conclusions — though Kaufman's tweet that Wilson confirmed the news is good enough to have me so excited I'm basically bouncing off the walls, I'd recommend everyone wait to really celebrate until the studio confirms that Pitch Perfect 3 is really the works. I'm not saying we shouldn't celebrate a little now, but there have been cases of actors talking about major film sequels before only to have them never happen — or, at least, not happen for ages. Remember Frozen 2? Franchise star Idina Menzel mentioned a sequel a whole five months before it was actually confirmed to happen. And what aboutBeetlejuice? The cast of that film has been talking about a sequel since the first film was released in 1988, and still there's no confirmation. With this Pitch Perfect 3 news, details are just as scarce.


Pitch Perfect 2 will hit theaters on May 15.

Images: Universal Pictures, Giphy