Will Paul Feig's Next Project Have "Bond Boys"?

After filming the female buddy cop comedy The Heat, Bridesmaids director Paul Feig is already off to another female-led comedy. His next project, Susan Cooper, will be a spy franchise movie in the vein of James Bond.

Once the excitement of finally having someone do a female James Bond movie wears off, think about it: Bond movies have Bond girls, which means Susan Cooper could very well have some Cooper boys. Bond girls are well-known as the beautiful women that James Bond seduces (whose names are often corny or salacious puns). They're feisty, smart (but not too smart), and attractive (obviously). So what would these "iconic" eye candy roles look like if men had to play the part?

The Villain

Inspiration: Pussy Galore, Miranda Frost, Vesper Lynd

Name: Richard Grand

Storyline: A lion tamer in a Russian circus, Dick nightlights as a con artist. Originally enlisted to get close to our lady Bond and infiltrate her plans, Dick ends up falling for her.

Possible Actors: Michael Fassbender, Joe Manganiello

The One who Dies

Inspiration: Tracy Bond, Strawberry Fields, Aki

Name: Art Frank

Storyline: Art is a no-nonsense detective who specializes in stolen works of art. He is enlisted to help lady Bond track down a murderous art thief. Art takes his work seriously and tries to overpower lady Bond, but is seduced by her. Art loses his life when he accidentally drinks a poisoned cocktail sent by the villain that is meant for lady Bond.

Possible Actors: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Matt Bomer

The Main One

Inspiration: Honey Rider, Jinx, Domino

Name: James Valiant

Storyline: James is the U.S. Ambassador to a (vacation-destination-friendly) country who accompanies lady Bond to search for the villain. James was once a government agent, but has since retired from the profession and works only as an ambassador. James initially resists lady Bond's charms, but succumbs after some flirty banter in which they appear to be well-matched.

Possible Actors: Jesse Williams, Ian Somerhalder

We're now expecting this, Mr. Feig.

Image: MGM